Project #1 Form & Function 

Expression of Truth/Beauty 


In Architecture the relationship of form and function is one of the most fundamental ideas. The shape and appearance of a structure may change due to the requirements of the project. With this project we elaborate on this idea by putting these concepts by turning a bridge design and modifying it to have a movable concept. 

Bridge Spans

Movement Anaolgies 

These household objects are going to be used for the movement of our bridge. We broke them down so we can understand the movement of each of them. We then we need to make the road bed move with that movement to make a 30' x 40' opening for boats to pass through. 

Combination Table 

Preliminary Design 

For the movement of my bridge I moved my original truss up to allow for me to put the mechanism inside the bridge. I then had to put a pulley system inside the bridge to allow for my mechanism to have a way of moving. With the movement this will allow for the roadbed to move up and down as needed. 


Design Process 

Final Design 

Elevation Views 


3D Views